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Re: BDB 4.2.52 VS BDB 4.4.20 Showdown

May I suggesst that if this conclusion isn't in the FAQ-O-Matic already,
it probably should be.

> It looks like BDB 4.4 could become a major boon to OpenLDAP.  It is
> substantially faster than BDB 4.2.52 for write operations occurring inside
> an existing database.  On the downside, it is markedly slower for importing
> a database via slapadd.  It also is slightly slower than 4.2.52 for READ
> operations, but this slowness is very marginal, especially compared to the
> gain in WRITE speed.
> HOWEVER, there apparently remain some issues either in BDB 4.4.20 or
> between BDB 4.4 and OpenLDAP that make it unstable and not fit for use at
> this time with OpenLDAP.