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Different versions play well?

I'll start by saying I searched the archives, and didn't find mention of this
- nor did I find any documentation that warned against it.  But I figured it
best to ask here.

We've got a single master and two slaves (one slave on our mail server for
fast "local" lookups, and one on a beowulf cluster so it can be seen by the
nodes on an internal network).  All are running 2.1.29, master's OS is Fedora
Core 2.

I'm setting up a new mail server, and will be using Fedora Core 4 for the OS.
I downloaded 2.1.29 and compiled it, but 'slapadd' segfaults instantly - an
strace shows it looking in /etc/mtab, and then doing a 'munmap' just before it
dies.  I compared the libraries linked in to that with those on our current
mail server (which is RedHat 8.0) and saw that the old server had no Kerberos
libraries linked, so I removed the krb5-devel package and compiled again on
the new system.  Now it complains about the TLS configuration lines being
"unknown directives" and still segfaults, so I guess I'll be putting krb5 back
on there (sure enough, no SSL libraries are linked now).

My question, has anyone run into this similar, and know of a solution?  If
not, then my big question is can I run different versions of OpenLDAP on the
same network, in a master/slave configuration like this, and have them work
okay?  I don't know if anything has changed where it would be bad to, for
example, run the latest OpenLDAP on the new server slaved to one running
2.1.29 as a master.  Or maybe there's a specific version 'ceiling' where I
could run up to a certain revision as a slave to that master without error,
but if I go any newer it might cause problems (I'm not against staying a
little behind in releases, if it's stable and the new versions don't add
things that I need to operate here).  In theory, I could upgrade the other
servers to be the latest as well, but in practice that may be much more
difficult than it sounds.


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