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Re: Overlay Chain

> Hi,
> I have founf this :

^^^ I don't want to appear too pedantic, but your first message to this
list was Octover 17th 2005; less than a month later you were pointed to
the chain overlay with brief explanations and pointers to examples
I'd say that "I have founf this" sounds a bit "know it all".

> The chain overlay provides basic chaining capability to the underlying
> database.
> What is chaining? It indicates the capability of a DSA to follow
> referrals on behalf of the client, so that distributed systems are
> viewed as a single virtual DSA by clients that are otherwise unable to
> "chase" (i.e. follow) referrals by themselves.
> The chain overlay has significantly improved from OpenLDAP 2.2 to 2.3;
> the 2.3 version: chains the URI contained in the referral instead of a
> fixed URI; can use the identity assertion capability associated with
> known URIs; supports the chainingBehavior control
> (draft-sermersheim-ldap-chaining); can be used as global, thus allowing
> to chain the updateref returned by shadow databases, resulting in
> trasparent writes to slaves (either slurpd or syncrepl); note that
> writes to shadow databases actually get chained to the master on behalf
> of the client, and the result of the write operation that is sent back
> to the client represents the response of the master to that operation.
> Based on the replication policy and on replication processing time
> constraints, the modification may not immediately appear on the shadow
> DSA despite a successful result being returned to the client.
> The chain overlay is built on top of the ldap backend; it is compiled
> by default when --enable-ldap.
> The chain overlay supports run-time configuration within the
> back-config framework.
> is it work with Berkeley backend and openLdap 2.3.13 ? if so is some
> one can give me an example ?

My offer is still valid:

cd tests
./run test032
vi testrun/slapd.*.conf


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