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Re: slapd eating up resource on 2.3.14

--On Thursday, January 05, 2006 4:09 PM +0000 "Spicer, Kevin" <KevinS@bmrb.co.uk> wrote:


I've been running 2.3.14 on my test setup for a few days with no
problems, last night I rolled it out to my production systems as an
upgrade from 2.3.11 (shortly before 2.3.15 was released!) I'm now
experiencing a problem that I can't track down.  After a period of
running (minutes or hours) slapd starts to chew up CPU and become very
slow to respond, at times slapd constantly uses 100% of one CPU (these
are dual CPU systems).  I had no such problem on 2.3.11 (although I'm
not ruling out a configuration error on my part).  The only change I
made to the configuration was to comment out a 'threads 500' directive
(thanks for the helpful warning message about that BTW!) - that isn't
related, as reinstating it doesn't solve the problem.  I've rerun
slapindex in case it was an indexing issue but that also hasn't helped.
I'm seeing this on several servers and it tends to happen when there is
a reasonable amount of user activity on the server (the user load isn't
very high though, just the problem doesn't appear to happen when the
server is mostly idle).

Can anyone offer any insights as to what I might look at to troubleshoot
this?  I've been unable to find anything similar in list
archives/FAQ/ITS - although I might not be using the right search terms
;)  Logging at level 256 I don't see anything out of the ordinary - I
haven't tried a higher log level yet, but will if anyone can suggest
what I should look for.

My setup, briefly

4 Solaris 9 servers
ol 2.3.14
db 4.2.52

Each server has 4 databases organised as a master with three subsidiary
db's glued on, each server acts as master for one of these with the
other three replicated onto it using slurpd.  I'm also using the ppolicy

compiled with '--prefix=/usr/local' '--enable-bdb' '--enable-crypt'
'--with-threads' '--with-tls' '--without-kerberos' '--enable-wrappers'
'--enable-modules' '--enable-ppolicy=mod'

Out of curiosity, do you see this issue with 2.3.13? I've been running 2.3.13 + some patches in my production environment on 2.3.13, and it has been very stable. You can get the patches from:





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