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Re: 2.3.11 syncrepl failing - send_ldap_response: ber write failed

Configuration management is always a problem for any sizable software deployment, and everyone will have to choose the approach that works best for them. But it sounds like you're complaining that we fix bugs too often; perhaps you'd be happier using Microsoft AD or some other commercial product with a more glacial response to bugs. To each their own.

re: why ber_write failed - it's not really relevant what the server was trying to write. What matters is that the connection it was writing on died, thus the failure. You need to identify why the connection disappeared.

re: creating missing glue entries - there's code in the consumer to create these entries. If you can demonstrate a case where they're not created correctly, you should file an ITS. Don't sit on your hands when you encounter a bug. (Oh wait, I forgot that you don't like it when bugs get fixed. Never mind.)

Ron Grant wrote:
Thanks, Quanah, I should have added that I am aware that 2.3.11 is all of three months old, and I am aware of 2.3.14, and am hoping to get the time to build an RPM based on it (we try to avoid CVS software on production servers), and I am sure that eventually the folks who run the www.openldap.org website will see fit to declare 2.3.14 the latest stable release instead of 2.3.11, however for now I cannot "just upgrade", and I have looked at the changelog for 2.3.14 and while I see some syncrepl changes, none of them seem to mention fixing a problem that causes slapd to exit ungraciously.

By the time I get 2.3.14 installed....Oops! Look at that! 2.3.15 is out!

I can't always "Get the latest version" because new versions appear too quickly. I know that it's a waste of everyone's time to be debugging an older version (and if "upgrade" is the answer, then upgrade it is), but it's also a waste of time chasing the newest version only to learn that I didn't have a configuration value set correctly - and 98% of errors I find are the result of my misuse of software, not from actual bugs.

I really only need to know if anyone has any idea what it is trying to write when it fails with a "ber write failed"? I've already "worked around" one bug in syncrepl (the one about not creating glue entries) and would be happy to work around this problem while syncrepl stabilizes. I'm MUCH more comfortable using the "stable" release.....

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Wednesday, January 04, 2006 2:35 PM -0800 Ron Grant <rgrant@shuttle.net> wrote:

I have a SuSE 10.0 Master running 2.3.11 (from the RPMS at
ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/projects/OpenLDAP/2.3/i386/10.0) and a syncrepl
slave on a busy mailserver (also SuSE 10.0/2.3.11), and configured
Postfix/Courier/saslauthd/Amavis to look to the localhost replica for

Other questions aside, I will note that 2.3.11 is a rather old release at this point, and significant fixes to syncrepl have occurred since that time.


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