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Re: About ITS#4108 and ITS#4138 and 2.3.14 release

Ignacio Coupeau wrote:
Thanks for these ITS, I had the same problem (Xeon bi processor, IBM XSeries 345, RH AS4U2, OpenLdap 2.3.11) and solved it via cvs with OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_3.

However the 4138 was marked as duplicate of the 4108, and the 4108 is initially was reported as HEAD bug, so the latest release (2.3.14) don't fix the bug:

Just an advice.

4108 was reported against HEAD; since HEAD changes so continually these bugs tend to be transient and typically don't get recorded in the CHANGES file. Of course it turned out that this bug was also present in 2.3.11, and the fix went into RE23 for the 2.3.12 release, so it should have been noted there. I've added it to the CHANGES file in CVS.

The ITS links:


Many thanks for the work and Happy New Year.

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