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Re: copy of objects from one OU to another OU

For a one-time shot, try something like this:
ldapsearch -b ou=people objectclass=*|sed 's/ou=people/ou=dc/g'|ldapadd

To keep them in-sync, look at setting up replication agreements, and
different databases, etc.

To simply act like they're the same, look at overlays and rewriting, etc.

On 12/29/05, mallapadi niranjan <niranjan.ashok@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> I am using OpenLDAP Software.  I have a number of
>        objects residing in a container called OU=People; I have
>        added a new container called OU=DC.  I would like
>        copy of each object in OU=People into OU=DC.  How
>        do I do this using OpenLDAP Software?
> Regards
> Niranjan