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Re: documentation (Was: ACL Problem, Insufficient access (50))

On Sat, 2005-12-24 at 11:32 -0700, Jon Roberts wrote:

> The MySQL community and its market are an order of magnitude or two 
> larger than OpenLDAP's. For example, a search on amazon.com lists 239 
> books on "MySQL", while "OpenLDAP" yields exactly 3.

I'd add that MySQL (since it was picked as an example; there may be
hundreds) is hosted by mysql.com; OpenLDAP is hosted by openldap.org;
this is to mean that MySQL is developed by a company, OpenLDAP by a
foundation; MySQL pays developers and technical writers; OpenLDAP
developers (which the technical writers as well) volunteer.  I'd note
that OpenLDAP developers are usually paid by someone else than the
OpenLDAP foundation (and I've nothing to complain about my wage :),
usually to work on projects that are LDAP (and mostly OpenLDAP) related;
however, typically our reward is not based on the enthusiastic feedback
of users about the documentation, but rather on the (hopefully)
enthusiastic feedback by customers about the software we develop for
them.  This may explain why OpenLDAP's documentation is not exactly one
of my priorities (I can't speak for other developers, of course).  If my
employer catches me spending hours on OpenLDAP documentation, if he's in
a good mood he may be happy, otherwise he might start considering why
I'm wasting time on that while I'm late on deliveries about all the rest
of my activities (I'd note that I hardly see him twice a year in a good
mood :).  I hope this makes sense.  Note that I'm not complaining about
this situation: it's voluntary, so it would make much more sense to quit
it the time I'd feel like complaining...

I think this thread lasted enough; I'm happy I could spend few minutes
talking about this while my family is taking a nap.  Some could argue
that I better took a nap as well, but I don't want to get used to
napping after lunch :)


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