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Re: Openldap 2.3.11 cannot autorecover from abnormal shutdown.

Yingbo Qiu wrote:
It's clear from the log that this particular slapd binary is linked with
a BDB 4.3 library. The problem seems to be that a BDB tool from a
different version was used to access the database at some point. This
implies that the operating system is misconfigured; either the PATH or
the LD_LIBRARY_PATH are pointing to the wrong place, or some other
similar mistake. No amount of OpenLDAP software patching can correct
such a sysadmin mistake.

Just power failure.

I use LDFLAGS="-L.... -Wl,-R..." to force linker save the bdb_lib path
in  slapd .

How to determine current DB_ENV's version??

Read the BerkeleyDB documentation. "db_stat -e" will print the environment version along with other information.

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