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Rép. : Re: Dynlist and dyngroup

thx for your answer. do you know where I can found examples or more
details. I think it's what i want to do , It's will permit me to manage
my member of application 

>>> Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@stanford.edu> 12/13 6:20  >>>

--On Tuesday, December 13, 2005 8:14 AM +0100 Eudes LEDUCQ

> Hi,
> is some one can explain me for what Dynlist and Dyngroup are use,
> is the difference between a simply group (groupOfName) ? I need to
> create groups in my directory and I don't know what I must use to do
> this.
> I want to have a group by application, and put the users of each
> applications in groups. Then I want to simply test when the user
> authenticate himself  in which group he is.

dynlist/dyngroup allow you to create groups from attributes present in

entries, rather than using a static list of members.

For example, I could have something like:

dn: uid=joe,cn=people,dc=my,dc=domain
groupAttr: admins
groupAttr: users
groupAttr: staff

Then I could have a dynamic group definition that made it so everyone
"groupAttr=staff" a member of that particular group.  If they lose that

attribute from their entry, they are no longer in that group.  If they
it, they are.


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