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Re: How can I build openldap on 64-bit machie?

If you point autoconf to a compiler that produces 64-bit executables, and
you have a 64-bit chain ready (64-bit bdb, for instance), you will produce
64-bit OpenLDAP software. However, your example of a 64-bit cc appears
dubious. Perhaps you want something along the lines of

CFLAGS='-xarch=v9 -g -xs' CC='/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc' ./configure [...]

Please ask your compiler vendor if you need help with that, as "cc" is
not OpenLDAP software.

> Does openldap support 64-bit machine perfectly?

As perfectly as it supports any other architecture, more or less. I
produce and regularly run the test suite against a sparcv9 binary, and
usually file an ITS when it doesn't work (a rare situation lately). But I
don't use it in production.