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Re: How can I build openldap on 64-bit machie?

No idea about the compiler you mentioned.  With gcc, I built it
successfully on Solaris and amd64 straightforwardly.  Just add -m64.  No
relevant issues so far.  I've also built it on Alpha (Tru64) with the
native compiler, and on other 64 bit archs, and I don't recall significant
issues in recent versions of OpenLDAP.


> Does anyone can tell me:
> how can I build openldap on a 64-bit machine?
> Do I need build it with a 64-bit cc "for examle /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc"?
> Or without anything, just build it with the same steps as 32-bit?
> BTW:
> Does openldap support 64-bit machine perfectly?
> regards

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