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Re: bdb indexing limits

Howard Chu wrote :
- I noticed this limitation is also enforced on the entry children indexing, which means one you created more than 65536 children for an entry, you can no longer remove it ("non leaf" is returned), even after deleting all of its children first. This seems a bit annoying...

If you delete the first or last entry of the range the range will be reduced by one. As such, if you delete entries in order then the range will collapse to zero and allow deletion of the parent.

Indeed. However, if one of the middle entries is removed first, then the parent can no longer be removed...

No. back-bdb has no other mechanism of tracking child entries. back-hdb is superior here since the dn2id index keeps exact counts of the number of children.

Fine. I'm having an issue with back-hdb (see ITS 4254) too, but that's another story ;)

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