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Re: FYI - Not an OpenLDAP bug - or OpenLDAP on Windows 2000 using Hummingbird SOCKS client

Lalic, Ranko (Ranko) wrote:

I tried to use OpenLDAP on the client side on Windows 2000 (w/ SP4) through the SOCKS server. I had to use the Hummingbird SOCKS client (choosing another SOCKS client is not an option). The problem seems to be in the interaction between the Hummingbird SOCKS client & Windows TCP/IP stack.

Basically, non-blocking socks calls do not work in this configuration (probably the Hummingbird SOCKS client bug). As OpenLDAP is using them I could not connect to my LDAP server. I spent a week+ trying to find what was going wrong.

Finally, changing ldap_pvt_connect in os-ip.c so that ldap_pvt_ndelay_on is not called fixed my problem. This worked for me as I was already using synchronous LDAP calls only. Please notice that if you do this, all your LDAP calls will be synchronous.

I am still on 2.0.27 as this works just fine for me.

Thanks for the note, your solution sounds correct.

OpenLDAP 2.0 was obsoleted quite a few years ago. The current release is 2.3.13, and I'll note that somewhere along the line, I also changed libldap to not make the non-blocking calls when using synchronous LDAP calls. There's a reason we put new releases out... You could have saved yourself your week's worth of effort by getting a more recent OpenLDAP release.

Hope this will save someone a lot of time.

One can always hope. This is one of the fundamental differences between using open source software and closed source software. Generally with closed source software, you have to register your copy of the software. While this is an annoyance, it at least offers the possibility that the vendor will notify you when updates are available. With open source software that you've downloaded and built yourself, the responsibility falls on you to stay in touch with the software developers so that you can stay informed about bug fixes and new releases. This is yet another reason why we place so much emphasis on the term "OpenLDAP community" - it isn't just a warm'n'fuzzy term. It is a simple fact that we all have to stay in communication with each other, and by doing so we all naturally help each other as a result.

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