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Re: replication strategy for 100s of consumers

--On Monday, November 28, 2005 4:41 PM -0800 Jim Boden <jboden508@yahoo.com> wrote:


I have a unique situation and am hoping the experts here can throw in
their 2cents worth. I have an app that uses openldap for user
authentication and access control. I have one central location with 100s
(and may grow to thousands) of remote sites and must be up even when the
link back to central is down.

So they somehow need a running copy of openldap on each remote site. I
did some testing with syncrepl and slurpd and it seems like syncrepl is
more of what I need. I didn't know if slurpd could handle 1000s of

I wouldn't use slurpd for this. syncrepl is a much better option.

If I use syncrepl, then the consumer database becomes read-only. (I get
unwilling to perform if I try to modify directly). If I am willing to let
data get out of sync, is there a way to modify the consumer database
directly when running syncrepl?

If you are modifying the database, then it isn't a consumer, it is a master. That's the whole idea of provider/replica replication. Otherwise the replica becomes out of sync with the master.


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