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Re: replication problems / slurpd

--On Thursday, November 17, 2005 6:31 PM -0800 Moe <moe_w90@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi everyone,

  Im having a problem in my replication.
  I have 3 servers, one has ldap master and the other two are ldap
slaves. The master ldap uses slurpd to replicate to the two slaves.   The
two slave boxes are almost exactly the same (hardware, same ldap
version), except that one of them is in a remote location while the
master and first slave ldap are in the same location.    my system has
beed fine for the past 4 months. recently i noticed that the remote ldap
slave has like 17 missing entries that were not replicated. The
hostname.rej log does not show me why the entries were rejected. All i
see is lot of entries saying:  Type or value exists: modify/add:
vipFuncarea: value #0 already exists.   im struggling to find out why
this happened. My understanding is that if  replication fails slurpd
retry to send the replication but that's didn't happen.   I have lots of
entries in my database and im finding it hard to track the issue , the
first ldap slave has the same entries as the master , no porblems at all

Are you sure the entries are missing, or are they simply already there? I've noticed an issue with slurpd where if the response time from the slave on getting an update is too long, it will try to send the update again, which will fail because the slave already got it. The errors you are reporting in your hostname.rej file tend to match that scenario. I would see if there is really any difference between the two replicas for those entries or not.


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