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Re: Slapd (OpenLDAP v2.3.11) Hangs Using 100% CPU Upon Start Up

> OpenLDAP 2.3 *automatically* recovers the database.  By running db_recover
> manually in addition to the slapd startup doing it, you are likely
> corrupting your database.

I'm not sure if manual recovery is still dangerous >=2.3.5 (ITS#3833 and
such). Obviously, db_recover shouldn't be necessary in 2.3, but it didn't
seem to autorecover here. Did you need to use catastrophic recovery? I
don't think auto recovery does that.

Regardless, under the assumption that automatic recovery is the issue
(since it looks like manual recovery worked), it'd be nice to track this
down and get it fixed. I don't suppose you have a backup of the corrupted
database to get a gdb trace or -d -1 output?