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RE: syncrepl problems

Please keep replies to the list.

Yes, it is true that syncrepl should work without having to restart slapd.
But programs have bugs, bugs that sometimes cause them to function in ways
other than what "should" happen.

and note that OpenLDAP has logged at least four bug fixes regarding
syncrepl since 2.2.23 (in the 2.2 series; additionally, there was a
complete redesign in 2.3, which was sorely needed).

Without your running those changes, there's simply too great a chance of
needlessly duplicated effort. The answers I linked to originally apply:
either get vendor support for your hacked and old vendor package, or
upgrade to something the community can assist you with, preferably
OpenLDAP 2.3 to take advantage of the syncrepl redesign. As you run things
today, it is unsurprising to me that you are getting hacked and old
behavior with a hacked and old package.

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005, Mark Coetser wrote:

> On doing a /etc/init.d/slapd stop then start the deleted entry on the
> provider is no longer on the consumer, shouldn't this happen without having
> to stop and start slapd ?