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Re: RÃp. : Re: Overlay glue

Eudes LEDUCQ wrote:
My problem is the write function in referral subtree. I have used the
novell examples to build my personnaly java class and LDAPauthHander ...
. The search in referral work fine but not the add or modify or del.
what I don't understand.

It may depend on your LDAPAuthHandler. I believe one could be configured to bind anonymously or with an invalid identity.

I have created the referral link below in my directory A. My two
directories have the same user/pwd certificats (i used ssl and i can't
use anonymous access). The connection is established between the two
directories when i use my write function . But something prohibited the
write , i don't see what.

I'm not sure how you're logging and you say it's not access control, but it seems like you need more insight into how your referred-to server is handling the request. I would guess there is a way to find out more on that end.

Note: my two directories are in the seam server for my test so i think
it's not a write right problem , it will not be the case in production.

You are referring to the same server? Like

ref: ldap://localhost/ou=foo,dc=example,dc=com

That would be an inadequate test of referrals, and it could be part of your problem.

Jon Roberts