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Re: Slapd (OpenLDAP v2.3.11) Hangs Using 100% CPU Upon Start Up

>      3) I read on a previous thread that it might have to do with my DB_CONFIG options, so I tried changing them and even removing them.  Here's my DB_CONFIG file (I have about 500 entries in my LDAP server);
>      4) I tried changing some parameters such as cachesize and checkpoint.  They are currently set to:
>      6) I tried removing all my ACLs in case it was ACL related
I would put these back to whatever is most appropriate to your
environment. I see no reason (yet) to introduce more variables into the

It sounds like you're using bdb or hdb. I'm guessing that the automatic
database recovery isn't, well, automatically recovering. You can try
running slapd -d -1 at the command line to see if this is the case. It
should be fairly obvious where it hangs; probably somewhere near a message
about bdb_db_open() or "attempting recovery" or such.

I might try stopping slapd and running db_recover by hand. (I'm not sure
if that should make a difference, but it shouldn't hurt.) If that doesn't
seem to work, you can also try "catastrophic" recovery. See the Sleepycat
documentation for details about the command.