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Re: RÃp. : Re: Overlay glue

Eudes LEDUCQ wrote:
I have now in my directory a referral subtree like the exemple

     dn: ou=foo,dc=example,dc=com
     ou: foo
     ref: ldap://B.example.com/ou=foo,dc=example,dc=com
     objectClass: referral
     objectClass: extensibleObject

Now I have some java class which can search, add, modify entries in my
directory (thx novell).
The referral search work, but not the add or modify. The referral is
following , i sure (-> log) when i add a new entry, but it's don't
create the new entry. it's was not ACL , I sure too. so I don't
do I need have special parameters in server B ?

In order to configure a JLDAP Connection to follow referrals with authentication, you need to implement interfaces LDAPAuthHandler or LDAPBindHandler. Some details on how to do this are in the JLDAP documentation:


I personally only configure connections to follow referrals on anonymous requests because I don't like passing credentials around in my code, but I recall testing this feature once long ago and it worked fine. Note this is a client-side solution and has nothing to do with the chain overlay.

Jon Roberts