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Re: Critical extension and Internal (implementation specific) errors

--On Monday, November 14, 2005 5:35 PM -0200 Daniel Kobayashi Imori <daniel@bastion.com.br> wrote:

There are many parameters configuration and factors in Berkeley DB and
OpenLDAP about performance, I know. However, it worked very well when
one database is running in one daemon. And when many databases are
running in one daemon, is it cause many performance problems too?

In my case, databases (BDBs) are smalls, with 50 entries or less, but
the number of databases is up to 15!

I believe that it's not a common configuration, but I need to keep this
configuration because many reasons... And I believe that the problems
appears because this uncommon configuration...

Am I right? Someone can help me?

Sorry for my bad english...


In that case, even the BDB defaults may be sufficient... That is an extremely tiny set of data for a database. I'm personally not familiar with the behavior in that environment, you may indeed have hit a bug. I would still think that "threads 100" is overly high, although with 15 DB's, it might work out to something like "8*15" which would be more than 100 threads, so I'm not entirely sure.

It might be useful to see about grabbing some debugging information from slapd (start it with -d 7) and dump it to a log file until the error happens, and then send that output into an ITS at <http://www.openldap.org/its/> for evaluation from a developer.


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