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replication security

hi everybody,

i have a couple of small questions regarding my openldap replication setup, if anyone knows the answers i would appreciate it enormously :-)

if i run with a cleartext password for the updatedn, and turn off readonly on the slave, all works well, i.e.


replica host=master.my.local:389
 bindmethod=simple credentials=mypass


updatedn "cn=Manager,dc=my,dc=local"
 referral ldap://master.my.local

but i have read that the slave should really be readonly, yet when i add

 readonly on

to the slave configuration, it won't allow me to update!

my other query regards the {SSHA} password option used by the master to bind to the slave, as i can't get this going either. i.e.


 bindmethod=simple credentials={SSHA}dfsEWF4fw4wrqdsFSD

does this hashed manager password need to be generated on the slave or the master? or should either suffice?

thank you very much in advance for any guidance!


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