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Re: Multiple values for userCertificate attribute

At 01:41 AM 11/2/2005, Riccardo Alessandrini wrote:
>I've imported in the slapd.conf file the following schemas:
>I can insert in the LDAP only one digital certificate for a user.
>I can't insert more than one certificate in one entry, and when I try the
>is the following:
>"no equality matching rule"
>Any ideas, please?

If the attribute has no equality matching rule, such
as userCertificate as defined in RFC 2256, then one
cannot individually add/delete values from the
attribute.  One can create the attribute with
multiple values, replace all values with
a new set of multiple values, or delete the

As modern versions of slapd(8), e.g. 2.3.11,
implement userCertificate as defined in
draft-zeilenga-ldap-x509-xx.txt, which
specifies an equality matching rule for this
attribute type, I suspect you are running
an older version of slapd(8).  If so, you
should consider updating.