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Re: Need to authenticate non-existent users.

At 11:37 AM 11/1/2005, sigurbjartur@ejs.is wrote:
>  I'm using OpenLDAP to authenticate users.  For reasons I won't go
>into much detail about, I need to make OpenLDAP return objects, that do
>not exist, as if they did.
>   For example, if I do a query with the following search filter:
>(&(objectClass=person)(uid=foobar)) I need to make OpenLDAP return a
>LDAP result with the attributes and values from the search filter if the
>directory returns 0 matches.  If, on the other hand, the object does
>exist, it would return the object from the directory.
>I'd like to know if anyone has any good ideas to make OpenLDAP function
>like I've described.

I would suggest you consider writing an overlay that
caught returned messages and inserted a entry as
desired.  See servers/slapd/overlays and
contrib/slapd-overlays for examples.