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Is fedora core 3 a ticking timebomb?

I know I should just compile the Berkeley DB from source and apply the 4
patches but before I do I just want to make sure that that will end my

I'm running fedora core 3, openldap-2.2.24 from source with db4-4.2.52-6
from rpm.  I can't seem to find out what if any patches are applied to
that db4 rpm and I'm seeing the same problems with my back-dbd that
others are commenting on.

After a power outage today the db was corrupt and db_verify and
db_recover did not work ( I don't have the output for that ).  I flushed
the data queue and slapadd' the data back in, ran slapindex and before I
started the server wanted to see what a db_verify would look like.

db_verify id2entry.bdb
db_verify: Page 1: out-of-order key at entry 37
db_verify: Page 1: out-of-order key at entry 74
db_verify: DB->verify: id2entry.bdb: DB_VERIFY_BAD: Database
verification failed

That just does not seem right on a new db no?

Anyone have a unhealthy knowledge of the db4 package from fedora?  Was
it patched say sometime since May25 ( that's when I compiled the slapd)?
 If so will I be so lucky as to get off with just a recompile of my
slapd or do I need to compile db4 from source somewhere else and compile
slapd against that?