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Re: Replication problem

> But they accept modifications from master but also from clients which is
> wrong
> because they should change address to master? Or maybe I'm completely
> wrong?
> If slave accepts connection from master it should now that this is master
> and
> does the update but if updated is coming from client then it should be
> redirected to master.

Let me rephrse the answer: all modifications to a slave occurring with the
"updatedn" identity are seen by the slave as replication events.  As such,
they result in writes to the slave's database instead of referrals to the
master.  What your client did was fooling the slave by letting it believe
it was being modified by the master.  That's why you don't get any
referral.  This is clearly written in the docs, and it sounds pretty
logical and straight.  If you don't get it, I suggest you carefully read
the admin guide where it discusses replication.


Pierangelo Masarati

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