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Re: Replication problem

> Hello,
> I did a simple replication between master and slave LDAP server in two
> different cities through VPN. Data propagation from master to slave works
> OK
> but when any client send changes to slave it doesn't redirect client to
> master LDAP. Here is what I have in slapd.conf on master:
> replica host=ldap-slave1.aaa:389
>         binddn="cn=ldapmanager,dc=xxx,dc=xx"
>         bindmethod=simple credentials=xxx
> And this on slave slapd.conf:
> updatedn        "cn=ldapmanager,dc=xxx,dc=xx"
> updateref       ldap://ldap-primary.aaa
> OpenLDAP version is 2.2.24 in both locations. Maybe I have forgot
> something?

Did you use the "cn=ldapmanager,dc=xxx,dc=xx" identity (i.e. the
"updatedn") to write to the slave?


Pierangelo Masarati

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