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Re: wldap32 implemented on top of OpenLDAP libraries

On Tuesday 20 September 2005 13:35, Howard Chu wrote:

> So do you also include the OpenLDAP DLLs on their own (e.g.
> libldap_r.dll) and provide wldap32.dll just as a wrapper? Can end-users
> supply a set of OpenLDAP DLLs of their own without needing to rebuild
> wldap32.dll?

That's a possibility, but in general Wine tries to avoid building
PE DLLs for support libraries, mainly because of the added maintenance
burden. Instead, Wine is perfectly capable of using Unix ELF DSOs shipped
by an OS distribution, or provided by the user. If libldap_r.so is not
present Wine will gracefully fail loading wldap32.dll, as if that DLL is
not present.