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Re[2]: Being a consumer and a provider for the same database (toward different servers) ?


I'am quite new to Ldap and OpenLdap,

I must propose a solution that is stable and very reliable.
so I don't know which solution is Best.

* A hub server which polls changes from subsidiaries and then
subsidiaries polls changes from other subsidiaries from the hub server

* Or a back-ldap with proxycaching in the subsidiaries

-Do LDAP users in the subsidiaries will be seen by the main server as normal direct ldap
connections ?
-Do the ACL (for LDAP users) on the real main server won't be bypassed ?
-Do I need to design the directory (schema, acl) with the fact that I may use a
proxy ?
- Does populating large group with members (>1000 < 10000) work well
(through proxy) ?

In other words , is the proxy real transparent to Ldap client
operations (read, writes) or Acl, schema definitions
(I don't want to do any attributes or object mapping)

- Do the back-end ldap and proxy cache are stable and reliable enough to be used
in a heavy production env. ?

(The directory must be deployed in 8 month so I hope until then Old
2.3.x will be stable)

Thanks again for your answser.