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Re: make test no. 8 fails (2.3.4) [auf Viren überprüft]

Hans Moser wrote:
Quanah Gibson-Mount schrieb am 15.09.2005 19:39:

I made a check with 2.2.26 too:
[end of slapd.1.log]
oc_check_allowed type "modifyTimestamp"
bdb_dn2entry("cn=james a jones 4,ou=people,o=university of michigan,c=us")
=> bdb_dn2id( "cn=james a jones 4,ou=people,o=university of michigan,c=us" )
ch_malloc of 1048576 bytes failed
Assertion failed: __EX, file ch_malloc.c, line 62

Maybe it's something outside OpenLDAP or something real basic, that didn't changed between 2.2 und 2.3.

Yes. Note that on AIX you must explicitly set the maximum data size for programs; the default is relatively small which is probably why that malloc call fails to get the memory it wants. See your OS documentation. Learn how to use your operating system before trying to figure out 3rd party software.

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