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Re: Newbie LDIF question


Steve Parker <steve@itops.com> writes:

> I've installed OpenLDAP, and it's running happily with TLS and SASL,
> so the next step is to create the hierarchy.
> First the organisation (itops.com in this instance), then
> ou=People,dc=itops,dc=com (and so on for hosts, etc, etc).
> I've trawled the web for examples and I'm obviously missing something
> which must be staring me in the face because nothing works:


> root@ldap1 # cat eg3.ldif
> dn: dc=itops,dc=com
> objectclass: top
> objectclass: dcObject
> objectclass: organization
> o: ITOPS
> dc: itops
> description: itops
> root@ldap1 # /usr/local/bin/ldapadd -c -Y DIGEST-MD5 -U Manager -W -f
> eg3.ldif
> Enter LDAP Password:
> SASL/DIGEST-MD5 authentication started
> SASL username: Manager
> SASL SSF: 128
> SASL installing layers
> adding new entry "dc=itops,dc=com"
> ldap_add: No such object (32)
> What does this "No such object" mean? 

[...]> There must be a really simple answer to this; can anybody shed some light?

I don't think that 'Manager' is your rootdn.
A few snippets of your initial slapd.conf would be quite helpful, that
is database declaration, suffix and rootdn.


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