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Re: BDB database not synced to file

Well, to get to your immediate concern, if you have no bdb options, then
the bdb "checkpoint" directive defaults to "checkpoint 0 0", which would
result in no checkpoints, which could result in "not synced to file" (as
you put it).

So, to start, you want to look through slapd-bdb(5) man page, Berkeley DB
documentation to understand/make a DB_CONFIG file, mailing list archives
and the OpenLDAP FAQ-O-Matic for guidelines/suggestions as to how to
calculate some sane values for these, etc.

On top of that, version 2.1.30 is historic. It would not be surprising if
there are bugs in there that nobody even knows about. You would be well
advised to undertake an upgrade to 2.3.7, again making sure to read the
slapd-bdb(5) (or whatever backend you choose to use) man page and
configure properly with the appropriate directives for that version. Any
perceived ease-of-use you may have from using a vendor supplied version, I
would argue, is more than outstripped by the possible downtime that bugs
in an old version may incur (e.g. to your Samba domain, in your case).

Finally, if your slapd has an unclean shutdown, in versions earlier than
2.3 you must run the "db_recover" command from Sleepycat to recover your
database, PRIOR to slapd startup. In version 2.3, this is done
automatically; yet another incentive to upgrade.

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Damir Koscic wrote:

> I'm not sure that title reflects my problem entirely. The problem I'm having
> is that when computer crashes my ldap database is ether ruined or outdated.
> Data in databases can be even few days old, e.g. changes made in past period
> (of few days) are lost. It seams that databases are not synced to disk.
> This presents a big problem to me, because LDAP server is used as a backend
> for SAMBA, and if server is inproperly shut down, Windows DOMAIN is
> unusable. E.g. no one can work.
> If slapd is shut down properly everything is fine. Database is put on
> separate ext3 partition on IDE disk. There is little data in database.
> It is used as SAMBA backend with cca 60 entries (machines and users).
> I'm running open ldap server on Debian Linux with 2.6.11 kernel. Slapd is
> version 2.1.30 and using bdb 4.2.52 as backend. No configuration options for
> bdb backend are given in "slapd.conf" file.
> Please, help me if possible :)
>     Damir Koscic