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RE: query on LDIF to BDB format


Thanks for your response. I did a search for the exact line on Google
and I got many links for e.g.


and so on.

Anyways, but as you said it is actually talking of slapadd utility. So
Does that mean if I have a LDIF file somehow along with a BDB database
on my Host1, I would actually be able to get my data from the LDIF file
out into my BDB database directly if I only download this slapadd
utility. The concern is that my Host1 would not like to have other open
LDAP stuff as such as it would consume the disk space on Host1 that in
no way currently needs any LDAP functionality as such. But because I
have an LDIF file and I have to get that LDIF data into my BDB database
without much footprint size increase so I am trying to look for some
small size options available.

Please suggest,

- Thanks,


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Meenakshi Vohra wrote:

>If someone could help with this query of mine it would really help.
>I keep reading this line all over the internet "The LDAP software 
>package you're going to get comes with an utility to convert LDIF files

>to the BDB format".
That sentence is partially incorrect; it should read

"The LDAP software
package you're going to get comes with an utility to convert LDIF files
to the BDB __backend__ format"

Can you point to the source?

>I would like to know if the BDB format being mentioned here is the 
>actual BDB data (text file) format that BDB dump db_dump and BDB load 
>db_load utilities expect or is this something specific to LDAP or does 
>it automatically creates the BDB database reading this LDIF format
>If so how does it create the secondary indexes in BDB.
>Also how big is this utility and what is it called ?
The utility is slapadd.  See slapadd(8) and the Admin Guide for details.


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