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Re: backends LDAP and META

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Friday, September 09, 2005 6:17 PM -0300 Forrest Gump <forrest1777@yahoo.com.br> wrote:

Actualy i 'm using the RPM version: openldap-2.2.13-2

I suggest you go download 2.2.28 and read the CHANGES file and see why using 2.2.13 is a very bad idea.

Actually, I suggest you use 2.3.7; you have no idea how better back-meta in 2.3 is with respect to any previous release. And look for 2.3.8, because few more issues have been fixed since then (essntially related to behavior in abnormal conditions, so no hurry except to get into production in "hostile environment").


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