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slow dereferencing

Is there a way to speed up dereferenced searches? I have one ldap server with 2 subordinate DCs and several thousand duplicate user accounts. We have an application that modifies these account attributes to track jobs on the grid. Since only the DC differs between these 2 accounts I created aliases like so:

dn: uid=grid0001,ou=People,dc=one,dc=bnl,dc=gov
uid: grid0001
objectClass: alias
objectClass: extensibleObject
aliasedObjectName: uid=grid0001,ou=People,dc=two,dc=bnl,dc=gov

The client ldap.conf has
DEREF searching
scope one

The server slapd.conf has
maxderefdepth 1

Performance is horrendous though when these derefs are followed. Any tips to increase performance -- anything I'm missing?