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Re: Intermittent hang/deadlock when iterating through LDAP search results using JLDAP

Howard Chu wrote:
Jon Roberts wrote:
 Finally there's my most recent attempt to
 contribute (#3911), which is critical to enabling JLDAP to be
 compiled under Java v1.5 (it currently fails). This issue was
 successfully submitted Aug 1 and has now COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED FROM

Disappeared? http://www.openldap.org/its/index.cgi/Software%20Bugs?id=3911

My mistake. The ITS search interface gives me trouble sometimes, but it is undoubtedly user error.

Perhaps it should have been filed in Contrib with the rest of the JLDAP reports, but it hasn't disappeared.

That is where I looked first, and then I checked Incoming. Then I thought I searched everything, but I guess not. Thanks for the clarification.

Jon Roberts