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Re: Intermittent hang/deadlock when iterating through LDAP search results using JLDAP

On 9/9/05, Jon Roberts <jon@jonanddeb.net> wrote:
Marc Boorshtein wrote:
> 1.  Yes, the batting average on JLDAP (and JDBC-LDAP) has not been
> good.  I've tried my best to keep up, but have not been getting any
> support from novell.

I'm aware Novell contributed JLDAP, but as I understand it the code is
now part of the OpenLDAP source tree and so I wouldn't assume Novell
necessarily has any responsibilities. When there last was Novell support
it appeared to come from overseas outsourcing (I could be wrong).
Watching their stock ride this year, I'd guess they are a little busy
focusing on shareholder value

Novell still owns the copyrights, so it's their code. 


If the project needs developers, I'm right here with a body of work that
absolutely depends on JLDAP (and which I will gladly offer to contribute
to OpenLDAP through the appropriate channels when I'm satisfied it's
ready). Unfortunately, submitting more patches doesn't seem to be what
you need now.

Help is allways appreciated!

> 2.  The dependencies issue was fixed.  If you do not have the
> appropriate libraries to support DSMLConnection or SPMLConnection then
> those classes are skipped durring the compile.

Thank you for this. I've been ignoring the relevant files for a while,
so I didn't notice. Also, when I originally pointed this issue out:


...it was never acknowledged as being a problem :(

Yes, I can understand the frustration.  I'm a voulenteer, so I have to find time to work on this stuff in my very rare free time :-(


Thanks for not taking my venting/feedback personally. Let me know what I
can do.

No prob, Lord knows I've gotten frustrated enough with the same problem before too! :-)

Jon Roberts

If you check the "dev" list archives, there were a handfull of things that I wanted to accomplish.  A brief summary is:

1.  Some source re-org.  The fact that the source is not in a "src" directory drives me nuts.  I've gotten to the point where I have my own repository that I sync up because the source tree is so non-eclipse freindly.

2.  I don't like the fact that DSMLConnection and SPMLConnection are in the com.novell.ldap package either, unfortunatly due to the fact that LDAPConnection has package-private constructors and I didn't want to screw up the original design, I placed those classes there.  I would like to add a factory class of some kind that allows for the connection type to be created in a bit more of a structured way.

3.  knock out the outstanding bugs

If you can lend a hand (wether it's in advise or in man hours) it would be greatly appreciated.