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Re: Threads, redux

I would say that if you're getting the performance you expect, then
leave well-enough alone.  You've tuned your settings and achieved
stable performance- congratulations.  :)

Start tuning your caches and database tunables for performance gains,
and you may see threads decrease as query speed increases from that


On 9/2/05, Ben Beuchler <insyte@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to decide if my slapd's hunger for threads is acceptable or
> a sign of some underlying pathology.  I work at a small college with
> around 1000 users.  We're using LDAP to provide network authentication
> for ~200 OS X workstations and 1000 email accounts (providing both
> mailbox information to the smtp server and login iformation to the
> POP/IMAP server).  When I left "threads" at the default I would see
> errors indicating it was deferring requests for "too many executing"
> and was also deferring binds.
> Leaving the thread limit anywhere below 100 would eventually produce
> those errors.  After several hours of heavy use, it would sit at
> around 65 - 85 threads.
> So.  Does this imply that there's something screwed up with my slapd?  Or is
> that a reasonable number for an installation my size?
> Thanks!
> -Ben