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Re: Fault-tolerance for master OpenLDAP server

> You're thinking about this wrong. You want one master server and two
> loadbalanced slave servers, or loadbalance the master/slave for requests
> and only do updates on the master. It was designed to be pretty fault
> taulerant, and drdb kinda sucks (takes forever).
> There are plenty of loadbalancers out there, but I've had good experences
> with zeus's zxtm, foundry server irons, and heard good things about
> 'balance'.

Hi Nick,

I have already a setup that includes one master and several slaves that
are load balanced using Keepalived (http://www.keepalived.org). This has
served me very well for a year.

What I want now is to have a second master that would take over if the
primary master goes down, i.e. reduce the time it would take to have a new
master fully operational.

Thanks for your input on DRBD anyway.