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Re: LDAP logging question

Joao wrote:
Is there any chance of logging LDAP not using the syslog??????my problem is, i have more then 1 ldap server in the computer and want to have separated logs of each server.


Yep, a much better solution than using syslog is to use Daemontools:


You can setup as many slapd instances as you like, each going to their own log directory, e.g. /var/multilog/slapd1, /var/multilog/slapd2, etc...

Here is I run OL under Daemontools (supervise):

# cat /service/slapd/run

# sshd/run
# daemontools run script for slapd service
# ** "foreground" version **
exec 2>&1
echo "*** Starting slapd..."
exec \
    /usr/local/libexec/slapd \
    -d 256 \
    -f /etc/openldap/slapd.conf

# cat /service/slapd/log/run

exec \
setuidgid multilog \
envdir ./env \
sh -c '
    exec \
    multilog \
        t \
        ${PROCESSOR+"!$PROCESSOR"} \

Be sure to create /var/multilog/slapd and

 `chown -R multilog:nobody /var/multilog'

Assuming you use multilog as the logging user, and nobody as his group.

BR, -- mike