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Value of entryUUID attribute can change ?

Hi everyone,

I must have an attribute for each entry of the directory which lets to identify any entry and which never changes even if the entry is moved in the directory (the DN is changed).
As I need this to be managed by the LDAP server, I looked for one in the operational attributes. I was very happy to find the entryUUID attribute, but I when I tested it
by moving some object in the directory, so the value of the entryUUID was changed :-(
I'm running 2 servers : with 2 versions : Openldap 2.2.19  (berkeley DB 4.2.52, windows system ) and Openldap 2.1.4 (default DB, on a linux system). Is it normal the value of the entryUUID attribute can change ? I didn't test later versions of Openldap yet.
I couldn't find lot of informations on this attribute on the net.
Maybe I'm wrong trying to use this attribute for this purpose and there's another attribute which does this job ?
It's a bit trivial, I guess most of people need to be able to identify their entries in a other way than the DN when the entries are referenced by other applications.

Thanks for your answers.