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Re: substring index oddity

--On Wednesday, August 24, 2005 2:00 PM -0500 John Madden <jmadden@ivytech.edu> wrote:

2. the default settings for subinitial and subfinal, so changing this
   default settings may increase your search speed, see slapd.conf(5)

But I would vote for default settings of subinitial and subfinal.

Could you be more clear? There are no mentions of subinitial/subfinal in the manpage. I've read that the default for "sub" is subany...

You need OpenLDAP 2.3 for these settings to be found in the man page. I'm pretty sure they don't exist as configurable options for slapd.conf under 2.2, either. You can probably tweak the 2.2 source to do the same stuff though.


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