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Re: Connections timing out to OpenLDAP server

So far it has not taken place when I was able to manually able to
test, but I will certainly do that at the first possible opportunity.

I'm disinclined to suspect the apps, as these are three distinct
client apps running on two different hosts, all having problems at
precisely the same time.


On 8/19/05, Kurt D. Zeilenga <Kurt@openldap.org> wrote:
> Well, the first thing I suggest is to try to duplicate the
> problem using OpenLDAP command line tools (on the system(s)
> which these other clients are running on).   If you're
> unable to, that would suggest the problem is with these
> particular clients, not the OpenLDAP server (or network).
> At 10:21 PM 8/18/2005, Ben Beuchler wrote:
> >I'm using OpenLDAP 2.2.26 on Debian to authenticate SMTP and POP/IMAP
> >clients.  Intermittently both the SMTP and POP/IMAP server will begin
> >reporting errors indicating they are unable to bind to the LDAP
> >server.  These episodes have lasted as long as 15 - 20 minutes.