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Re: slapadd : could not parse entry (line=56)

Hello Hallvard,

Thank you for the quick response.
That was exactly the case. Not the Umlaut as I thought.
One of us had originally a very old version of OpenLdap (where pilotObject was enabled) to develop something
and expected the same attribute with the new server we set up about 2 years ago.
We then fiddled around with cosine.schema and enabled pilotObject.
When I hacked the code because if the telephonenumber problem I tested the code on another server without dragging the altered schemas
along. So the error was on my side. Sorry about that.

Walter Kempel

> walter@kempel.ch writes:
>> str2entry: invalid value for attribute objectClass (syntax
> A common reason for this error is that you use an object class which
> slapd does not recognize - because slapd.conf does not include a schema
> file which defines it.
> In this case -
>> objectClass: top
>> objectClass: organization
>> objectClass: pilotObject
> No OpenLDAP schema defines pilotObject.  The object class is commented
> out from cosine.schema because it needs attributes lastModifiedTime and
> lastModifiedBy, which again are commented out because they use the 'UTC
> Time' syntax which is unsupported by default.
> If you want to use attribute uniqueIdentifier, the simplest fix is
> probably to create your own object class which allows that attribute.
> If you really need to use pilotObject, you can turn it on by building
> OpenLDAP with
> and then include cosine.schema followed by a file which defines
> lastModifiedTime, lastModifiedBy and pilotObject.  (You can copy them
> from comments in cosine.schema).
> Unless the UTC Time syntax has suffered code rot since it was turned
> off...
> --
> Hallvard