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Re: slapadd : could not parse entry (line=56)

walter@kempel.ch writes:
> str2entry: invalid value for attribute objectClass (syntax

A common reason for this error is that you use an object class which
slapd does not recognize - because slapd.conf does not include a schema
file which defines it.

In this case -

> objectClass: top
> objectClass: organization
> objectClass: pilotObject

No OpenLDAP schema defines pilotObject.  The object class is commented
out from cosine.schema because it needs attributes lastModifiedTime and
lastModifiedBy, which again are commented out because they use the 'UTC
Time' syntax which is unsupported by default.

If you want to use attribute uniqueIdentifier, the simplest fix is
probably to create your own object class which allows that attribute.

If you really need to use pilotObject, you can turn it on by building
OpenLDAP with
and then include cosine.schema followed by a file which defines
lastModifiedTime, lastModifiedBy and pilotObject.  (You can copy them
from comments in cosine.schema).
Unless the UTC Time syntax has suffered code rot since it was turned