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Re: openldap with mysql backend

Michael Jonsson wrote:

When I build from the latest source

don't do it: there's a bug in 2.3.4 that prevents back-sql from working. It's already fixed in HEAD, and will be in the next release.

with this switches,

./configure --enable-sql=mod --enable-modules --enable-crypt --enable-slurpd --with-kerberos=k5only --with-cyrus-sasl --enable-syslog --enable-debug --enable-bdb=yes --enable-hdb=mod

I get this error messeges when I try to start the slapd....

[root@micke-laptop libexec]# ./slapd -d 1
@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.3.4 (Aug 7 2005 23:28:01) $
daemon_init: listen on ldap:///
daemon_init: 1 listeners to open...
daemon: initialized ldap:///
daemon_init: 2 listeners opened
slapd init: initiated server.
slap_sasl_init: initialized!
bdb_back_initialize: initialize BDB backend
bdb_back_initialize: Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.3.27: (April 25, 2005)
Unrecognized database type (sql)
/usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf: line 56: <database> failed init (sql)!
slapd destroy: freeing system resources.
slapd stopped.
connections_destroy: nothing to destroy.

I suspect slapd is not running with the slapd.conf file you're actually editing. In fact, if there were any error in loading the dynamic module, it would appear much earlier; if you get that message, it means the module was never loaded. The rest woks fine (for me), either with 2.2 or with 2.3/HEAD.


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