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Re: openldap with mysql backend

Michael Jonsson wrote:

I did rpm rebuild from openldap-2.2.23-5.src.rpm, I can't find any config.log
see the attach openldap.spec file....

It appears in the build directory after configuring.

When I try to start the slapd with back-sql.la loaded I get this error, Unrecognized database type (sql)

Assuming the relevant portion of build code is reported below, it may be because there's no back-sql: you built back-sql as a module but you didn't build module loading code. The --enable-plugins switch does nothing, as it's not a valid OpenLDAP configure switch, while that spec is missing the --enable-modules switch.

# Build the servers with Kerberos support (for password checking, mainly).
LIBS=-lpthread; export LIBS
pushd openldap-%{version_22}/build-servers
build \
--enable-plugins \
--enable-slapd \
--enable-slurpd \
--enable-bdb \
--enable-hdb \
--enable-ldap \
--enable-ldbm \
--with-ldbm-api=%{ldbm_backend} \
--enable-meta \
--enable-monitor \
--enable-null \
--enable-shell \
--enable-sql=mod \
--disable-perl \
--disable-shared \
--disable-dynamic \


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