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Re: How does it handle 10k users and 3k desktops.

Em Sexta 05 Agosto 2005 20:26, Gustavo Rios escreveu:
> Dear folks,
> i am planing using openldap to server account for my users (unix,
> email, etc). It will be authenticating by means of kerberos V (SASL) I
> wonder about performance concerns.
> My initial ideia was to use BDB, but on openbsd mailing (my OS is
> OBSD) i heard someone telling me he/she did not trust BDB and
> preferred some variant of gdbm/ndbm.

That is, unfortunately, a common misconception. BDB is very powerful and has 
many "buttons". Earlier OpenLDAP documentation did not emphasize enough the 
importance of these "buttons", which lead to many incorrect deployments and 
data corruption.