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How does it handle 10k users and 3k desktops.

Dear folks,

i am planing using openldap to server account for my users (unix,
email, etc). It will be authenticating by means of kerberos V (SASL) I
wonder about performance concerns.

My initial ideia was to use BDB, but on openbsd mailing (my OS is
OBSD) i heard someone telling me he/she did not trust BDB and
preferred some variant of gdbm/ndbm.

So my question is how reliable you judge openldap + bdb?\
I know this may seem a little hard to answer, but i am planning a Dell
PowerEdge 750 with SCSI RAID 1, 512 MB RAM and obsd 3.7. It will be
used for handling about 10K users and 3k desktops for qmail, linux and

It my configuration realistic?

thanks a lot for your time and cooperation.

Best regards.